About Us

Meet Doctor Stephen Cohen 

Dr. Stephen Cohen is a board certified Oncologist/Hematologist, as well as board certified in Internal Medicine in San Antonio, Texas. He currently serves as Principal Investigator overseeing clinical trials and has been involved in over 200 studies and is affiliated with the conduct of Clinical research outpatient research studies at Multi-Phase Clinical Trials, LLC. . He received his medical degree from University of Oklahoma College of Medicine and has been in practice for more than 43 years. Hematologists specialize in diseases of the blood, spleen and lymph glands, treating such conditions as anemia, clotting disorders, sickle cell disease, hemophilia, leukemia and lymphoma.  

As an Internist with sub-specialty in hematology/oncology in Texas, Dr. Cohen is capable of diagnosing and treating patients with various blood-related disorders and malignancies, of cancers, including many Internal Medicine diseases. Dr. Cohen  treats conditions ranging from the common to the very rare and complex. As a result, Dr. Cohen may provide care as part of a multidisciplinary team, working in conjunction with other specialists to ensure the highest possible standard of care.

Meet Doctor David H. Gordon

Dr. David H. Gordon is a board-certified oncologist, hematologist and Internist in San Antonio, Texas with expertise in several areas. As an experienced doctor with 37 years of practice in the field, he is highly regarded by his patients and colleagues.   

Dr. Gordon graduated from State University of New York Downstate. He completed his fellowship at Case Western Reserve University in 1975 and is a published author with articles in peer reviewed journals. Dr. Gordon specializes in diagnosing and treating cross-system illnesses that may affect multiple organ systems.

Meet Teresa (TERRI) Llanas, President/Clinical Director

Ms. Llanas has served as Lead Coordinator for outpatient trials in Private and Academic settings for over 250 studies. She has overseen a variety of studies in multi-therapeutic areas. Ms. Llanas worked at Downtown Baptist Hospital Oncology as Unit Nurse and also served in the US Army Reserves followed by deployment in support of Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm with the 91st Evacuation Hospital from Ft. Sam Houston in San Antonio Texas at BAMC Hospital. 

Multi-Phase Trials is 100% owned and operated by a Veteran, Minority, Female Researcher with over 25 years of Clinical Research Experience in trials with Pharmaceutical companies such as Abbott, Merck, Pfizer, Novo Nordisk, Forest, Astra Zeneca, Jazz, Novartis and many other sponsors. Including the conduct of many device and immunizations studies for various US and International companies, including the assistance of over five (5) FDA and Sponsor Audits with positive response and negative Form483 issued.

Our Clinic

At Multi-Phase Trials clinic in San Antonio, we have provided a very comfortable, controlled environment with friendly, compassionate staff in an effort to ensure optimal patient comfort and accurate study results. We want to ensure you are as comfortable as possible and are given all the necessary information for your treatment. Staff member are bi-lingual and can also provide written Spanish study information. 

Dr. Cohen, Dr. Gordon, Ms. Llanas and the support staff have all met the requirements of FDA training in NIH, GCP, CITI, IATA and many other industry training tools that serve for full compliance in regulatory requirements.

What Are Clinical Research Studies?

Clinical research studies are a way to discover new treatments and medicines. By testing the latest devices and development medications, for efficacy and safety we hope to discover and verify new and potentially better ways to treat or cure specific groups of patients or illnesses.  

Every patient participates with full knowledge of their clinical trial and consent. Each is closely monitored by the doctor, who carefully observes and analyzes the effects of every clinical trial performed as dictated by an IRB/Sponsor FDA approved protocol.
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